INSTRUCTIONAL DVD World's Greatest Turtle Trap

In this video I show you the basics of setting up and

using the turtle trap and handling turtles.

This DVD is FREE with trap purchase Only!


How to Catch Turtles For Fun and Conservation

In this video I show how to hatch and release wild turtle eggs to produce 4 to 5 times as many hatchlings as compared to natural hatching.

NOTE: It is illegal to sell hatchling turtles and in some states it is illegal to hatch and release turtles.

This indoor method uses no lights, heat or electricity and is very reliable.

This DVD is $10.95 each with shipping of $3.00

HOW TO BUILD A 4 FOOT Wide Aquarium/Terrarium

Complete with filter and Aeration for under $50.00

This is my original concept and invention. Simple to build, no power tools required. One of these units has held 80 baby turtles, 5 species of fish and 3 species of crayfish, ALL AT ONCE. Easy to clean. A great way to experience a large Aquarium/Terrarium with low cost. The finished unit will be 4 feet or more in diameter, have aeration, filter and 3 islands.  This is a legit fully working unit for

Under $50.00

This DVD is $14.95 each with shipping of $3.00