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Two 45-50 pounders.

Turtles are amazing creatures that serve a valuable niche in nature. However, overpopulations of turtles (especially Snappers) can be very detrimental to Eco-Systems, by eating baby waterfowl, and other pond life!

I have harvested turtles with virtually every trap devised. For years I used Hoop Nets and they work ok, but are a real pain to use. The traps have to be staked or stretched out and turtles often get tangled in the mesh. When these traps were invented over 100 years ago, they were the best technology available, but trust me, they are far from the best.


Over 1800 lbs. in four days

2500 lbs. in one week with some big ones.

Eventually I came up with my own patented design of a collapsible cage trap which catches all sizes and species of aquatic turtles. Using this trap I caught over 1,000 lbs. of snappers and hundreds of painted turtles in a day. Whether you want to harvest turtles overpopulating your pond, or just catch a few for eating, or even do it commercially where legal; why not use the best trap available. I've caught snappers up to 60 lbs. with this trap and it will hold up to 6-8 keepable sized snappers. The trap is self supporting. Pull one pin to shake out turtles, pull all 4 to collapse, takes down in seconds. I hauled 30-40 in my jon boat.

Built with heavy After welded galvanized screen and Stainless steel rings and clips. You will not find this type of screen at the hardware or building store. Normal galvanized screen is made by taking galvanized wire and spot welding it together. This leaves welds at each joint which will rust and break in time. After welded galvanized screen is made by welding the wire together first and then galvanizing the screen. This is more expensive, but the After welded screen I use will last several times longer. Remember - you get what you pay for.

Note: Even if you think you want to make this trap yourself I strongly suggest you buy one of mine as a pattern. There are some little tricks to this design which make the difference between the best design or a pain in the butt to use. I had many cases where some fisherman, etc. would look at one of the traps set and then come back later with a copy they had tried to make, but they never seemed to get it right.

The Commercial Model Trap is the one I used to harvest tens of thousands of pounds of snappers and hundreds of thousands of smaller turtles over 12 years in several states.

I also offer a smaller Canoe Model Trap which is easier to haul in any boat and can be carried in a canoe or smaller boat when you want to get back into some hard to get spots.

If you need to order by mail, send a money order or check to

Crayfishman, 10675 Krogwold Road, Amherst Junction, WI 54407


$79.00 plus $12.00 shipping in WI, MN, IL, IA, NE and N & S Dakota

$79.00 plus $27.00 shipping in all other lower 48 states.

Catches turtles up to 60 lbs. Holds up top 6-8, 15 lb. snappers and up to several dozen smaller turtles.

Folds flat for transport. Comes with illustrated instructions.


In WI, MN, IL, IA, NE and N & S Dakota

2 TRAPS $75.00 each = $150.00

plus shipping $20.00


In WI, MN, IL, IA, NE and N & S Dakota

3 TRAPS $70.00 each = $210.00

shipping $25.00


In WI, MN, IL, IA, NE and N & S Dakota

5 TRAPS $65.00 each = $325.00

shipping $30.00 

In all other lower 48 states.

2 Traps $75.00 each = $150.00

shipping $35.00


In all other lower 48 states.

3 Traps $70.00 each = $210.00

shipping $40.00


In all other lower 48 states.

5 TRAPS $65.00 each = $325.00

shipping $50.00




Available Now!

Smaller version for smaller boats. Trap in my little 12' canoe.

Will catch turtles up to 60 pounds and can catch several at once.

Easier to carry in a canoe or smaller boat.

$69.00 plus $12.00 shipping in WI, MN, IL, IA, NE and N & S Dakota


$69.00 plus $27.00 shipping in all other lower 48 states.


Here are a few testimonials I have received from my eBay and general customer list. Many of these can be seen at my eBay account which is 100%.

"Amazing trap"

"Great Item. Worked perfectly. 9 turtles in one day."

"Works great and superfast shipping."

"Exactly as described. Delivered promptly. Good Instructions."

"Guys, the best there is on eBay. Straight up excellence all around."

"My neighbor had a problem with snappers in his pond so I got your trap and caught 4 the first day and 12 more after that. I had no problem giving away the live snappers as many folks in the country appreciate turtle meat. I now have more hunting and trapping permission than I know what to do with; plus several people who actually want to pay me to get the turtles out of their ponds. Thanks Again."

Mark G., IN

"It was heartbreaking to see the Swans in our lake hatch a nest every year, only to see the hatchlings get eaten one by one by the large snapping turtles. Your trap has been a god-send in helping me remove these problem turtles."

M.L. Missouri

"Although I love turtles, I just couldn't handle watching all the baby ducks getting eaten by the snappers, which were over-running my pond. I used your traps to live trap the turtles and move them elsewhere. Thanks for a great product.

D.P. Illinois

Turtle shells drying in the sun.